I have installed Boinc and subscribed to the projects I used to have on my old Windows machine. Everything works fine with one exception. I did not see any option in Boinc Manager to specify if I want my job to start on system boot or not.

After a reboot I can clearly see in the processes that boinc is doing it's calculations even though the manager is not running. So, is there a way to stop this process to autostart? Should I create a startup script which starts 30-40 seconds after login and kills all boinc processes? This seems kind of drastic I think :)


I have found the solution to my problem. It's like that old saying: "If you want something done, do it yourself"

sudo update-rc.d -f /etc/init.d/boinc-client remove

This tells the system not to start the BOINC client at boot time.

In short, this is the init script for BOINC:


The solution wasn't hard to find, it's actually on their wiki page: Stop_or_start_BOINC_daemon_after_boot

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In Ubuntu 15.10, using the update-rc.d boinc-client remove command, as suggested in the official Boinc wiki, didn't work for me. Boinc continued to automatically launch at startup.

However this worked : sudo systemctl disable boinc-client

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