I have front and back audio output jacks on my pc. When I plug in my headset to the front jack, audio output line disappears from sound settings and it shows only headphones. I want to switch between headphones and speakers without unplugging the headset all the time. Please help me I am new with linux.

  • It depends on your front-panel. I think it is impossible with older AC'97-front-panels, it is a question of the electronic circuit. With newer IntelHD Audio-front-panel it should be possible, but I've only old AC'97-front-panel, so I can not test anything. Also one difference between the two standards is that with an IntelHD Audio-front-panel we can retask the Jacks (we can choose if we want that jack used as input or output), this is not possible with old AC'97-front-panels. – mook765 Oct 22 '17 at 14:17
  • @mook765 I don't know what AC' 97 front panel is. I am not very good with tech. All I know is that it worked fine in windows 10 and linux mint 18.2 – Vasilis Kalfas Oct 22 '17 at 16:48

Make 2 scripts, like below, and run them to switch between headphone and speaker. Also, it would fail if you use gnome-volume controls to modify volume. This thing works purely from command line. You can change volume by fidgeting with percentage value in amixer set Master playback 80% unmute

  1. Speaker_on.sh

    amixer set "Headphone" playback 0% unmute
    amixer set Master playback 80% unmute
    amixer set "Speaker" playback 100% unmute
  2. Headphone_on.sh

    amixer set "Speaker" playback 0% mute
    amixer set Master playback 80% unmute
    amixer set "Headphone" playback 100% unmute
  • You can make a short script to increase and decrease volume using amixer set Master playback 80% unmute and assign it to keyboard short-cuts for ease. Also, Speaker_on.sh and Headphone_on.sh can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts. – Legolas Oct 22 '17 at 13:31

If you only want one audio output for playback
go to Pulseaudio Volume Control, Playback tab.
A drop-down menu will display choices for switching audio output

If your sound device will support having both audio outputs:
Run alsamixer in terminal and find playback settings (F3) for correct sound card (F6)
Use left and right arrow keys to find "auto-mute" option
Up and down arrow keys change setting between disabled and enabled

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