Hibernation as always been an issue on my computer (Lenovo Thinkpad e540). So after updating BIOS, I was kind of happy when, for the first time, I was able to hibernate. But never more then once. This issue as been noticed on Ubuntu 17.10 (current set up), ubuntu 17.04 (kde) and fedora 26.

When first time hibernate with systemctl hibernate the computer suspend to disk. When booting up, my session and all my work restore. But if I try to do another hibernate, the hibernation freeze and I have to make a force shutdown.

My observation:

  1. if I try to do a reboot or shutdown after the first hibernation, the system hang too, showing messages indicating that it tries to stop NetworkManager.
  2. if I kill network manager before the first hibernation, the second hibernation works, but not the second. However, the system can be shut down unlinke (1).
  3. if I try to kill netwrok manager after the first hibernation, the process hang
  4. before the first hibernation, I do a ps -ef >> preHibernate.txt and after resuming for hibernation the same ps -ef >> postHibernate.txt. The number of process increase but none are explicit (mostly kworkers).

My guess is that, after resume for hibernate, some process prenvent me from doing a second hibernate. The cache is not an issue to since I tried what is explain on this post

journalctl doesn't seems to provide usefull information either.

Any idea to fix my issue ?

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