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How to install dash to panel on Ubuntu 17.10 with gnome tweak tool

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  • Question: will this override the Ubuntu Dock? That is, will installing Dash to Panel make the Ubuntu Dock disappear? – Adrian Keister Oct 24 '17 at 13:33

The easiest way to install and activate Dash to Panel is from extensions.gnome.org. Open Firefox or Chrome and go to Dash to Panel's homepage. Click on the the toggle button at the top right to turn it ON.

enter image description here

NOTE: When you visit extensions.gnome.org for the first time it should ask you to install one browser add-on/extension. You'll have to install that extension to make this toggle button appear.

NOTE2: You might need to install the 'Gnome shell host connector". You do that via apt.

sudo apt install chrome-gnome-shell

It doesn't matter if you do this before or after the prompt.

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