I would like to know if Node.js is available in Ubuntu Core and if yes, how I can install it.

I see this issue Node on Snappy Ubuntu, but it says nothing.

Thank you very much.

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This worked for me.

I used the info here: Install applications in Ubuntu core

sudo snap install classic --devmode --edge


sudo classic

To enable aptitude, then your normal:

sudo apt-get install nodejs nodejs-legacy npm

sudo npm i -g npm

To get NPM to version: 3.5.2 and Node to: 4.2.6

Then NPM can't be updated further this way, as it complains about the version of Node that breaks NPM. Normally to update NPM I'd use 'n':

sudo npm i -g n

sudo n stable

But as NPM doesn't work with this version of Node that's not happening.

I found this How can I update my nodeJS to the latest version? and used:

sudo apt-get install curl

curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_8.x | sudo -E bash -

sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Now Node version is: 8.9.4, and NPM can once again be updated as usual; and you can also use NPM to install 'n' and update Node however you want if you need a specific version.

Then you can install git to clone your app or do whatever.

You've probably already solved your problem, but offering a possible solution in case anyone else is after one.


If you need Nodejs for your application, convert your application to snap (with snapcraft) and install it snap install <your application> . Nodejs is then packaged in the snap and you do not need to extra install it. Otherwise may be Ubuntu Server is better suited for you.

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