Recently I upgraded the kernel I was using to the newest available, and everything worked great until the screen locked and I couldn't log back in. At first it was a black screen displaying the top bar with the clock and user name, now it's like the desktop froze even though I still can move my cursor.
Reading all the questions asked here and trying all of the solutions provided the only way I could get back was rebooting (logging through Crtl+Alt+F2)

I have tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm changing between GDM and LightDM.
And I tried sudo chown user:user .Xauthority.

I also tried reinstalling GDM and disabling and/or upgrading the nvidia drivers, as I read that that could have been the problem.*

kernel: 4.13.8-041308-generic
shell: Gnome 3.18.5
distro: Ubuntu 16.04

Edit: *Just playing around with nvidia releases I discovered that sudo apt-get install nvidia-current solved the problem but it brought other problems as well.


This is not the solution I was hoping for. Either way... I had to downgrade my kernel to 4.4. At the time I didn't know that installing newer versions, (not stable, mainline? I don't really know), were to crash especially drivers concerning graphics. So as a matter of fact it was a problem with Nvidia and after trying different versions of the same driver I decided, since nothing much changed since my kernel update, I should maybe go back to the old, stable one.

How I changed the kernel:

And removing the "newer" one was a matter of sudo apt-get remove linux-image-4.13.8-041308-generic and sudo update-grub

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