I have a set of images with the date printed on them and I was wondering if anyone knows about an image viewer with the possibility of renaming while looking at the image, to make it faster and not having to open the image and then rename at the file list in the folder.

Many thanks in advance!

Geeqie Image Viewer will do this.


apt-get install geeqie



XnView Multi Platform will let you rename images "on the fly". Simply click on the file name in the thumbnail view and change the name.


qiv supports custom operations on a file. You could e.g. use the script listed below. You'd have to save it is qiv-command somewhere on your path, and then you could rename the file by pressing 0, and give the file a different prefix by pressing '1'.


set -eu

case "$1" in
        # Rename file
        DIR="$(dirname $2)"
        FILE="$(basename $2)"
        NEW_FILE_NAME=$(zenity --title="Rename file" --entry --text="Rename file '$2'" --entry-text="$FILE" 2> /dev/null)
        if test -n "$NEW_FILE_NAME" && test "$DIR/$NEW_FILE_NAME" != "$2"; then
            echo "NEWNAME=$DIR/$NEW_FILE_NAME"
            mv -i "$2" "$DIR/$NEW_FILE_NAME"
            echo "file not renamed"
        # Rename file with prefix
        PREFIX=$(zenity --title="Prefix file" --entry --text="Give prefix to file '$2'" --entry-text="" 2> /dev/null)
        if test -n "$PREFIX"; then
            DIR="$(dirname $2)"
            FILE="$(basename $2)"
            echo "NEWNAME=$DIR/$PREFIX-$FILE"
            mv -i "$2" "$DIR/$PREFIX-$FILE"
            echo "file not renamed"
        echo "ERROR: Please provide 0 or 1 as first option"

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