I'm using the IBus 1.5.11 input-method framework to type Japanese (Anthy input-method package) which works perfectly well. I can input Roman characters and press Space key to scroll through all word or kanji character suggestions and then press Enter key to pick my choice.

But if i use the Pinyin input-method package to type Chinese, the Space key seems to have another function. It does not switch through the other Hanzi character suggestions but instead has the Enter key effect. Which brings me to my 2 questions:

(1) what key do i have to press to switch through the different character suggestions?

(2) Why was Space key implemented in such weird way?

It seems that only clicking on the character suggestion via mouse works which is kind of stupid, it slows down my typing progress. It would be a pain if i have to switch to another input-method framework such as Fcitx because the Anthy package for Japanese, which i use on a regular basis on IBus, works perfectly. Hope i can get help for this issue!

  • Did you happen to figure this out? – user2201041 Jun 24 '18 at 23:04

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