Hi i shrinked the hdd of my laptop in app 450 GB (it shows as Unallocated space in windows disk management tool)

when i started the Ubuntu 16.04 installation i selected "Install Ubuntu alongside Windows Boot Manager" but the installation process didn't ask about partition/location, but everything got installed successfully.

Where is my ubuntu installation?

Maybe i screw it up and i had to chose the last option "Something else" (where you can resize the partition etc...)


  • Unallocated space is not a partition. And you cannot create partitions for Linux from Windows. Post this: sudo parted -l – oldfred Oct 16 '17 at 22:58

You can use you favourite partition manager to list available partitions which will include those belonging to the Ubuntu installation. Examples are:

  • GNOME Disks
  • KDE Partition Manager
  • GParted

On the command line you can use

  • parted -l and
  • lsblk -f

both of which require super-user privileges to run (through sudo).

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