I have successfully installed Linux Mint and Ubuntu (dual boot) with my current USB before, with the help of Rufus.

However, I can't now. It opens the GNU GRUB terminal. What am I missing? (I am not an experienced Linux/Ubuntu user)

I had Linux Mint installed on my HDD, but I needed Ubuntu for a project. So I deleted the Linux main, swap and home partition via Windows Disk Management. I then created a bootable USB with an up-to-date Ubuntu ISO.

I am now trying to install Ubuntu into some empty space on my SSD, but I can't boot from the USB. GNU GRUB is opening every time. I have tried booting it from BIOS, the laptops own boot menu (a Lenovo) and by shift+restart->USB in Windows.

What am I doing wrong? Could there be something left on the HDD that is getting in the way?


For me, on the grub screen, I pressed escape, which opened the grub command line and escape again which prompted me to choose from Windows bootloader, grub and EFI drive. I chose the third one and it worked

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