Hello there. I am new in Ubuntu and I just installed python 3.6 and was happy about it but suddenly i noticed that I cant open terminal anymore. I used the shortcut before, but now it just doesn't work! I tried run Terminal from application but it just shows icon in task bar and then just goes away, nothing happens. But the weirdest thing is I can open it from folder and it is working just fine.

I thought it was caused by some my personal setting but in ~/.gconf I don't have any other folder so i can't delete some Terminal settings.

Hope someone knows what is going on.

  • Try with ALT + F2 and type gnome-terminal and see if it launches that way – userDepth Oct 14 '17 at 20:52
  • And try not to go on deleting files because a program doesn't work, what you can do is reinstall the program by entering the tty. CTRL + ALT + F1 takes you to it and you type your user login and password, then you can use the terminal session to reinstall from there. – userDepth Oct 14 '17 at 20:54
  • I tried everything actually. ALT+F2 gnome-terminal didn't work. I also removed terminal and installed it again but still can't start it by normal way. For now I'm using it by opening from home folder and it works well, but i guess this problem is temporary and i will find cure soon. – Nikita Glukhov Oct 15 '17 at 18:58

I met the same problem. I solved it by

sudo nano /usr/bin/gnome-terminal

and change #!/usr/bin/python3 to #!/usr/bin/python3.6. I changed to 3.7 at first as I installed it, but it didn't work. It only works after I changed to 3.6. Refer to this


You might have a compatible issue for the gnome-terminal Python script in your Ubuntu versus the newly installed python 3.6. Please refer to this.

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