Currently I am using default text editor (gedit) to write C++ programs. Now I wanted to use notepadqq application rather than gedit.

I have installed notepadqq.

The problem I am facing,

  1. create a file called mypro.cpp (with empty code) on desktop
  2. double click or open the file once you name it
  3. file is opening in gedit.

what I want is, after step 2,

  1. file shall open in notepadqq application

Note: I have tried using following,

  1. gksudo gedit /etc/gnome/defaults.list
  2. Changed from



  3. reboot the system

But this didn't work for me.

Please help.

  • It is unclear what you are wanting to do. Would it be possible to reword your question to be more specific? Thanks! – rplaughlin Oct 9 '17 at 23:56
  • Hi rp, I updated..are the details OK now? – Ravi Teja Oct 10 '17 at 0:16
  • Completely OK, thanks for making that more clear. I have now posted an answer. – rplaughlin Oct 10 '17 at 0:22

This should be able to be fixed easily enough through the GUI. No commands or file edits should be needed.

In Nautilus, you can right-click the file and choose "About" (Or something similar) and set .cpp files to open in notepadqq instead of gedit. This should also work if you right-click on the file while on the desktop.

I hope I helped you!

  • I'm glad to help! – rplaughlin Oct 10 '17 at 0:26

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