When I am using the "Find..." feature in Okular, the matches are highlighted in yellow. How can I change this color?

I also add annotations to PDF files in Okular and the default color for text highlighting is also yellow (and now I have many annotations that are yellow). Therefore, sometimes I cannot see the matches if I have already highlighted them.


Cannot add as comment in question because of low reputation, but here's the ongoing bug discussion. One workaround (not ideal, I know, and it doesn't work for already highlighted texts) would be to change the default highlighter color...

To do so (Okular v1.1.3), go to Settings -> Configure Okular -> Annotations -> Select highlighter in the "Annotation tools" list -> Edit -> And change default color.

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    Then you should add the information for that workaround here. Your answer like this will be likely a candidate for deletion otherwise. – Videonauth Nov 7 '17 at 3:17

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