I'm using Landscape to manage 7 PCs and I'm having an issue where I try to copy files over from my admin account to a non-admin account (called internet).

When I tried using the admin account to copy the file over (I'm trying to create a bash script which will create 5 url shortcuts on the desktop) but when I do, I get access denied. I can't do it with the non-admin account either because it don't have rights being a standard user.

I can ssh and use sudo for each PC but I want to use Landscapes scripts functionality so I can add and remove files as I need to to multiple PCs with one set of clicks.

I have some bash experience but it's all very basic and I am not sure how to set up this script without using sudo.


The most likely scenario is that when you originally set up your Landscape clients, you did not give them the permission to execute scripts.

You should re-run the setup of each Landscape client, granting the ability to run scripts as root.

Try sudo dpkg-reconfigure landscape-client

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