I have installed tomcat8 using apt-get and it was installed properly.

I have to integrate tomcat with eclipse but when I provide installation directory as /usr/share/tomcat8, it says

config file is corrupt/missing

configuration corrupt/missing

And when I specify the path as /etc/tomcat8, eclipse gives this error:

Unknown version of tomcat

How can I specify the correct installation directory?

  • after install with sudo apt install tomcat9 this path did worked for me/usr/share/tomcat9 Dec 25, 2019 at 21:05

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Probably no longer interesting for the questioner but maybe for others looking at this question: The solution for me was to use the "Download and Install..." button offered by eclipse itself. Marked it in the screenshot of the question:

enter image description here

  • Sistem: ubuntu 18.04
  • eclipse 2019-12(4.14.0)
  • apache tomcat 9.0.16-3ubuntu0.18.04.1

  • Eclipse was installed with the official Eclipse-installer app for linux eclipse-inst-linux64.tar.gz

  • tomcat was installed by sudo apt install tomcat9

If you do not know the path, you could do the following steps:

$ whereis tomcat9

The above command returns some directories or links.
Now check or list any of those outputs directories with ll command
Remember that we need the path that has a bin directory

enter image description here

Then /usr/share/tomcat9 should work but one of the problem is about directory PERMISSIONS.

If you are a new Linux user you must remember that directories have permissions as read, write, execute, etc another concept is owner of files e.g. you, groups, others.
Eclipse doesn't have permission to write in the above path, you can manually find all the directories and create links but if you don't want to waste time scratching that , the best option is download tomcat9 from the official website create a new directory and decompress there. That' why I think the majority of tutorials always download tomcat from the official website.

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