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I have a JPEG image inside a PDF file, i know that it is a JPEG, because when i open the file with a hex editor i can see JFIF string present in it. How do i extract it into a separate file.

The particular file that i have only has a single image and it is on the first page.

I know that it is possible to use convert from the Image Magic package to convert the image, but this will mean that a double conversion will take place possibly making an image either worse quality or unnecesserily larger size.

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In order to extract an image one needs an automatically installed pdfimages.

The command line will look as follows:

pdfimages -j file.pdf ./

Please note that the slash is needed, if it is omitted then the extraction process will not happen and no error message will be generated. It is also possible to give the files a starting prefix as ./prefix then all of them will be placed in the current directory and will start with the provided prefix.

It is not possible to limit pdfimages to only extract a single file, but it is possible to provide the page that it will process by using -f (first page) and -l (last page) options. All options must be provided before the input file.

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