I've finally managed to install Ubuntu in dual boot on my PC. Only problem is that I can't use my mouse, which is a Logitech G300.

Basically, the only things that work are the pointer and the scroll up/down. All clicks from all button just do nothing.

Every issue about this mouse seems to be about erratic behaviours of the buttons, or remapping them but I don't have any behaviour at all.

I've tried the methods in this thread but nothing works. I've also tried to use the command xinput test <id> to see what is going wrong and the results are quite surprising.

Basically, the mouse is listed twice in the xinput list : Once as a mouse, once as a keyboard. When I test the mouse side, clicking the buttons do nothing, as I would expect (Moving and scrolling do work though). Testing the keyboard side however, shows that the buttons events are registered, but fired as motion events I guess.

Since I'm back on Windows to write this question, I don't have the exact results but a left click would result in something like this :


I also checked the button mapping for both the mouse and keyboard device, and the mouse has a 1 to 24 mapping, whereas the keyboard has nothing.

Is there anything I can do ? I'm honestly all out of ideas and I don't really want to buy another mouse when this one works fine ...



I have a Mouse with 3 buttons and I've configured them based on this thread.

You will have to install xev to determine the mouse buttons and clicks.

Sudo apt-get install xev

run it in a terminal


it should prompt you a box figure point your mouse there and click your mouse from left click to right click as well as the buttons do this one at a time and take note of the button number(e.g left click = button = 1 )

then you can proceed to mapping by editing your xorg.conf(But make sure to have a backup first.

cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old

vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Add this to the end of the line

Section "InputDevice"

Identifier  "Configured Mouse"

Driver      "mouse"

Option      "CorePointer"

Option      "Protocol"  "ExplorerPS/2"

Option      "ZAxisMapping"  "8 9"

Option      "Device"    "/dev/input/mice"


Logout then login back again.

This is only an example of what I had where 8 and 9 are my buttons for forward and back mappings.

for more information I suggest you visit this link.


Hope this helps.

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