I have a folder with a few files named 1.mp3, 2.mp3, 3.mp3, ...

Also, I have a command which accepts an mp3 file as an input:

blablabla -i mp3/1.mp3

I would like to pass to the command random mp3 file.

blablabla -i mp3/<random int in range 1-n>.mp3


blablabla -i mp3/<get random file from mp3 folder>

I am looking for the simplest method to do it, it doesn't matter which one. Who can help?


Use blablabla -i mp3/$(( ( RANDOM % N ) + 1 )).mp3

Replace N with Max number you want to generate, or 1 Min number.

Or you can use $(shuf -i MIN-MAX -n 1) instead.

from man shuf:

-i, --input-range=LO-HI
    treat each number LO through HI as an input line
-n, --head-count=COUNT 
    output at most COUNT lines

Actually -n 1 in shuf here means only generate one random Num, you can test with -n 2 which is generating two Random Nums.

You may also wants to have this with printf if your files name has leading 0's.

printf "%03d.mp3\n" $(( (RANDOM % 100) + 1 ))

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