I want to get my computational library inside the vanilla Ubuntu distribution. I have already set up a PPA for it, it works, but I want to have it included in the Ubuntu repositories without requiring the PPA.

In the question answered in 2010 (How to get my software into Ubuntu?), three solutions are discussed which are not up-to-date anymore, hence an updated answer could be of use. In the 2010 answer we have:

  1. The Ubuntu App Developer site which is a 404: Page not found page as of today at least.

  2. The REVU in which it is stated:

    It is no longer actively used by Ubuntu Developers, so you should generally only submit a package there when a mentor specifically requests you to do so.

  3. The Application Sponsorship Process which seems probably the right path, but there isn't basically any information there that I can assure is up-to-date. Many references to 2012 such as "The next MOTU meeting Thursday, December 6th 2012", last update to the page itself was in 2015.

Would it be possible for someone to provide some up-to-date information on this, so that nobody else has to look through dead websites?

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    The recommended way goes through Debian and the linked pages regarding it seem to be valid. Is this way inapplicable in your case? Why? – Melebius Sep 20 '17 at 10:34
  • @Melebius have no particular interest in having it anywhere besides Ubuntu. If there's no way to have it directly into Ubuntu, or having it through Debian is the most hassle-free method, please do provide an answer and I'll accept it. – murlou Sep 20 '17 at 10:49

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