I connected my Dell Inspiron with Ubuntu 16.04 installation to an external monitor earlier, I had headphones plugged in and the sound was working fine at this point.

I earlier removed the HDMI cable from the laptop and since then I have had no working sound through either the laptop or the headphones connected.

Through PulseAudio Volume Control, under Configuration, I see only HDMI output profiles, and no default built-in audio profile.

I see no output devices listed under 'Play Sound Through' on the Sound Settings interface.

Plugging the HDMI port back into the laptop gives me an option for HDMI / DisplayPort on the Sound Settings interface


I had the same issue.
The following actions worked for me:

  1. Update Pulseaudio:

    sudo apt install pulseaudio
  2. Restart Pulseaudio:

    pulseaudio -k && pulseaudio -D
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Try reinstalling

  • pulse audio
  • pavucontrol
  • alsa
  • alsa-base

and then reboot. Or try

Step 1: In terminal remove pulse audio,alsa,alsa-base,pavucontrol one by one

"sudo apt purge pulseaudio " "sudo apt purge alsa" "sudo apt purge alsa-base" "sudo apt purge pavucontrol"

and make sure to log everything what happened i.e which dependent programs got removed too.

Step 2: Then issue "sudo apt autoremove" to remove any unwanted programs.Log these one too.

Step 3 : then reboot your system. "sudo reboot"

Step 4: Install the programs again.(one by one) 1. alsa 2. alsa-base 3. pulseaudio 4. pavucontrol

"sudo apt install alsa"
"sudo apt install alsa-base"
"sudo apt install pulseaudio"
"sudo apt install pavucontrol"

Make sure to log these one too to check which programs got installed.

Step 5: reboot your system and check wheter the audios are back or not

Anyways I had earlier fixed the issue myself andmy audio fix in linux mint

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