I'm looking for a solution working in Wayland to get mouse position, move it and click inside a bash script, all things xdotool can do for X server.

xdotool getmouselocation

is still working, but

xdotool mousemove 
xdotool click 

have no impact on the mouse cursor in GNOME Wayland session.


This is because such features have been explicitly removed from Wayland for security reasons. The major concerns were reading other programs input and allowing fake input to be sent to other programs which would allow different attack vectors.

Some window-managers might implement some sort of macro feature in the future but as of now there is no such feature that I know of.

Implementing this would mean to implement it for each of the different window managers which surely will take still a while.

I suggest using Xorg instead of Wayland for now if you need to use such features.

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