I have a samba share on my network. It works fine and I can access it via Nautilus however I am not able to access it from other apps such as Thunderbird when attaching a file or in Firefox when trying to upload a file. The samba share is open, it doesn't require a username or password.

What is the best way to configure my system so all applications can see and browse my samba share?

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I know this is probably not the most user friendly way, you it's possible to mount a cifs (samba) share thanks to cifs-utils. Here the full process:

# Install the cifs-utils package
apt install cifs-utils

# Create a folder in your home (replace folder by any name you wish)
mkdir $HOME/folder

# Mount the folder (replace again folder and your_user).
sudo mount -t cifs //server/share $HOME/folder -o username=your_user,uid=$(id -u $USER)

Note: this is not persistent, you may need to do a script if you wish an automount.

  • Thanks but when I try to mount with cifs I always get host not found. Also, I don't believe cifs will fuse the samba drive with the filesystem. I am currently fusing the samba drive with the filesystem with this command: sudo smbnetfs ~/Shared -o allow_other, it works but I am hoping there is a better, easier way.
    – Don P
    Sep 15, 2017 at 22:35
  • If you have an error 'share not found' , then you most probably mistypped the server's or the share's. Maybe, as a check, you could use the IP adress of your server: sudo mount -t cifs //IP/share $HOME/folder -o username=guest Sep 18, 2017 at 8:56

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