Is there any GUI app that can work as an internet/data meter(not speed-meter) on Xubuntu 16.04? Would be better if it can also show upload/download speed on the panel, but if it can't, it's also ok. Ubuntu(Unity) has Indicator Netspeed which worked ok but it doesn't work on Xubuntu. I am aware of the built in panel applet named Network Monitor in Xubuntu. But it only acts as badly designed speed-meter. I have to use cellular modem to connect to the internet and need to constantly keep an eye on data usage. Terminal app like vnstat isn't doing the job for me.

  • I think Wireshark can do this. I'm not sure, but it can monitor and analyze all network traffic.
    – Redbob
    Sep 14, 2017 at 3:38
  • I don't need an package analyzer. I just need a GUI app which will keep track of my data usage(so I don't cross my daily cap).:-( Sep 14, 2017 at 20:07

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nino is what you are looking for. install it from the software center

  • Wow, an answer after 2.5 years! Thanks! Though I can't test it now but it seems like it'll work. Mar 9, 2020 at 18:47
  • Well i was looking for something similar and ended up here. Mar 11, 2020 at 11:26

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