In the Cinnamon desktop, Super+left, for example, will snap the active window to the left side of the screen. Can the same behavior be enabled in Mate on Ubuntu 16.04?

From searching, all I can find are results about Package Snaps and this AskUbuntu question that begins

I know how to enable window snapping in MATE Desktop, and it works. My problem is...

so evidently everyone knows this but me :)


I tested this on CentOS 7 with Mate 1.16.2, but it should work similarly on Ubuntu.

Enabling snapping by dragging windows with your mouse:

Open the "Windows" control panel under System - Preferences - Look and Feel - Windows. Go to the tab "Placement" and check Enable side by side tiling.

Enabling snapping with keyboard shortcuts:

Open the "Keyboard Shortcuts" control panel under System - Preferences - Hardware - Keyboard Shortcuts. Assign the following keys (although there might be more of interest):

Maximize Window - Super+Up (it might say Mod4+Up)
Restore Window - Super+Down
Tile window to the east (right) side of the screen - Super+Right
Tile window to the west (left) side of the screen - Super+Left

  • Drag the Window to the screen sides, or
  • Use Ctrl + Alt + NumPad# to move the window accordingly:
    • NumPad4 / NumPadLeft for left side,
    • NumPad6 / NumPadRight for right side,
    • NumPad9 / NumPadPageUp for upper right corner,
    • etc..
  • Doesn't work on this laptop, where I have no numpad but I have Fn+U for 4, e.g. Fn+U successfully moves my cursor left, but Ctrl+Alt+Fn+U doesn't make my window left-side half-screen. Windows snapping is enabled, OS is NixOS, so I'm not sure if maybe they defined things differently. It does have the "draw window to far left and it'll resize to half-screen" though, so it's not half bad. – clacke Aug 17 '18 at 0:05

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