I am trying to install CLHEP and I am stuck, getting an error in make install:

[ 99%] Built target exctest3 
[ 99%] Built target exctestNothrow
[100%] Built target testzmex
Install the project...
-- Install configuration: "RelWithDebInfo"
-- Installing: /usr/local/bin/clhep-config
CMake Error at cmake_install.cmake:36 (file):
  file INSTALL cannot copy file
  "/home/ivan/CLHEP/" to
Makefile:105: recipe for target 'install' failed
make: *** [install] Error 1

What can I do to fix this?


Try sudo make install.

To access the /usr directory of your installation to store system-wide files there, the installer needs root privileges. Therefore you can not just run plain make install as your normal user account but need to use sudo to elevate privileges.

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