Within my mounted partitions the debugfs is mounted.

debugfs on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw,relatime)

What does Ubuntu use the debugfs for: any userland functions, or crash reporting? I understand the linux kernel default uses, and how to disable, and unmount debugfs. What are the implications of disabling debugfs for ubuntu, rather than general debugfs information not pertaining to ubuntu?


Look at this article in addition to the link you just posted. I believe it simply means if there are issues in your file system you won't trace logs since it would be disabled. But of course you can weigh the pros and cons from there.

From man debugfs:

       The debugfs program is an interactive file system debugger. It  can  be
       used  to  examine  and  change the state of an ext2, ext3, or ext4 file

From there you can see what debugfs you need it to run checks on your mounted fs, from here it states "Technically it's not possible to select function_trace without debugfs enabled", so as mentioned above, again look here for ubuntu specific information but I think it's general any way.

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    This is general information on debugfs, I was wondering about ubuntu specific uses.
    – shadowbq
    Sep 11 '17 at 14:29

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