I clicked on "Run a console project" and it said that the program was built successfully. But after that, I click "Run a console project" again and error like Cannot execute /path/file.exe appears as shown on the upper right corner of the screenshot. How can I fix this error?

Screenshot for the error


After you have created a new C# Console Project the way to build it in MonoDevelop is Build -> Build All. A message at the top of MonoDevelop should appear that says: Build successful. The way to run it is to select Run -> Run With -> Mono 4.x.x (4.x.x stands for the Mono JIT compiler version).

A new terminal will open and show these results:

Hello Mono!

Press any key to continue...

If you run it again without closing the terminal, a popup window will open with the following message:

An application is already running. Do you want to stop it?  

Click the Stop button to stop it and the C# program (Program.cs) will run again.

enter image description here

If your C# code ran successfully, you can find an executable file named Test3.exe in the .../bin/Debug folder of your console project. You can run Test3.exe from the terminal using this command:

mono /path/to/Test3.exe
  • i clicked to run with and it showed a window with 2 tab, general and advance. In the advance i can choose mono 5.2.0 or the default but nothing work – Hieu Tran Trong Sep 10 '17 at 14:16
  • i just figure out that i uncheck run on external console in option run with, i can see the result just like netbean, inside the IDE. But some others cannot run. I want it can run normal when i click 'run without debug" and it can run on terminal. It seem like it need some set up for this to run like i want? – Hieu Tran Trong Sep 10 '17 at 14:23
  • mono 5.2.0 is not the same version of mono that is installed by the mono-complete package from the default Ubuntu repositories. For example, in my 16.04 the results of apt policy mono-complete are mono-complete: Installed: and the results of apt policy monodevelop are monodevelop: Installed: and my C# programs worked from the beginning out of the box with no additional setup or configuration required. – karel Sep 10 '17 at 20:22
  • It appears from your comment that you have installed mono 5.2.0 Stable release (the latest version) from the official Mono website instead of the default Ubuntu mono-complete package. In case you are wondering about it, you don't need the latest versions of mono-complete or monodevelop to run .NET programs either: askubuntu.com/questions/905528/… – karel Sep 10 '17 at 20:42

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