I would like to replace the existing pylint and astroid version on my computer with its current versions which are available via Github and make it available to the vim plugin syntastic.

In particular, I use Ubuntu 14.04 and pylint 1.6.4 and astroid 1.4.9 are installed on my computer. I cannot find a PPA to update these two programs to its newest versions. The website of pylint says I can install pylint and astroid from source using git. The relevant links are:

git clone https://github.com/PyCQA/pylint
git clone https://github.com/PyCQA/astroid

The new installation should be available to the vim plugin syntastic.

Can somebody kindly explain me how to achieve these two goals?


Via Pip

Pypi has a package for Pylint.

You can install Pypi packages

  • for Python 2 with

    pip install --user [package]
  • for for Python 3:

    pip3 install --user [package]

This will install the package for current user only. For a system-wide installation use sudo and omit --user, e. g. sudo pip install [package].

If you don't have Pip you can install it from Ubuntu's repositories; the package names are pip and pip3 for Python 2 and Python 3 respectively.

From source

Taken straight from the section titled “Install” of the read-me file in the source code repository:

Pylint requires astroid package (the later the better).

Installation should be as simple as:

python -m pip install astroid

Pylint requires isort package (the later the better).

Installation should be as simple as:

python -m pip install isort

If you want to install from a source distribution, extract the tarball1 and run the following commands:

python setup.py install

1 Obviously, instead of a source code "tarball" you can also use the cloned Git repository.

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