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Hello, I am trying to install the Tracktion T6 audio software (that now is free for linux), I can download it in the website, but when I try to install it goes to Ubuntu Software and it doesn't install. It has already happended other times with another softwares, as Skype, everytime I try to install it goes to Ubuntu Software and it appears a puzzle image and the name of the software, when I click in the button to install nothing really happens, I don't know what to do anymore, cause I can't a way install trhough the terminal.

  • Try this sudo apt install /path/to/name.deb – George Udosen Sep 3 '17 at 23:10

First install GDebi from Ubuntu Software, then right click on the package you downloaded from the internet and open with GDebi. Then click on the install button in GDebi.


Use this method to install it from the terminal with:

sudo apt install ./TracktionInstall_6_Linux_64Bit_latest.deb

This is done from the download directory where the package is, but do this if not in the download location:

sudo apt install /path/to/TracktionInstall_6_Linux_64Bit_latest.deb

To remove do:

sudo apt purge tracktion6

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