I use Mozilla Firefox 55.0.2, Ubuntu 17.04. Earlier, I used middle mouse button for opening a link in a new tab. However, in this version, it does not work. After reading older questions, I checked about:config, and:

  • browser.tabs.opentabfor.middleclick and middlemouse.contentLoadURL aretrue
  • middlemouse.openNewWindow, middlemouse.paste and middlemouse.scrollbarPosition are false

The only extensions I use are AdBlock Plus 2.9.1 and Ubuntu Modifications 3.4.

Also, I would like to use middleclick scrolling.

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    For middleclick scrolling go to PreferencesAdvanced ➜ check Use autoscrolling – pomsky Sep 3 '17 at 14:34
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    Also try changing middlemouse.contentLoadURL to false – pomsky Sep 3 '17 at 14:39
  • I did both and nothing changed – bmv Sep 3 '17 at 15:33
  • Have you restarted Firefox after making changes? – pomsky Sep 3 '17 at 15:34
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    Try changing all of middlemouse.openNewWindow, middlemouse.paste and middlemouse.scrollbarPosition to true. – pomsky Sep 4 '17 at 0:15

It turned out that the middle button of my mouse has been broken :(

The correct settings for the desired function are (using @pomsky's comments):





For middleclick scrolling I set


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