I spent so much time in reading PDF, so I need an anotation feature.

I like how Okular save the anotation in xml file, so I can easily share my clean PDF, and export anotation when I need.

now I use Evince to avoid KDE dependency, because Evince now support annotation (Highlight, Note).

But, how to remove all annotation at once, it's a pain if I have to keep 2 same PDF just to make me easy to share the clean one.

Note: Foxit support deleting all annotations at once, but I tried to use the libre application first.

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    Did you actually check to see how many KDE dependencies are already on your system and what else would by pulled in by installing okular? If not, try apt-get install -s okular to run a simulation. There's no need for sudo. – DK Bose Sep 2 '17 at 2:15
  • because there is no other choice, willy nilly, I installed Okular already, I always check dependency using apt-cache depends foo. Actually I want to have minimal system since I don't use GNOME or KDE. as long as there is no other choice, I still use Okular. – azzamsa Sep 2 '17 at 2:46
  • Then I don't understand your question. – DK Bose Sep 2 '17 at 3:40
  • take a look at this feature foxit delete all anotation – azzamsa Sep 2 '17 at 8:25

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