I'm trying to remove top bar panel from Ubuntu mate for raspberry pi. I tried so many things but any works for me. I remove mate desktop to try install ubuntu desktop but no works anymore.

Because of this i reinstall ubuntu mate, and now i continue try to remove top bar. I need to run my app at startup in fullscreen mode withou any bar to acess system. Thanks


By default, Mate don't allow to delete the last panel. Anyway, if you wish to run apps in fullscreen, you should enable autohide option in panel : Right on panel > properties > untick expand and tick autohide.

  • In this case it is possible to see the panel. So, I remove all icons, enable autohide and put panel transparent. Now it's ok, but I thing that should have a better way to do this. – R. Rodrigues Sep 12 '17 at 16:25

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