I have a laptop with 2 GPUs (integrated one and an NVIDIA one). I would like to know what is the VBIOS of my NVIDIA graphics card. It is classified as a 3D controller

lspci -vnn | grep 3D -A 12

enter image description here


lshw -numeric -C display

enter image description here

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Open Nvidia X Server Settings and click on your adapter.

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Another, if not easier, approach would be to use the nvidia-smi utility. Both nvidia-settings and nvidia-smi use the same underlying API to communicate with the GPU.

  • nvidia-smi is a CLI application, and has a more portable, smaller footprint on disk

  • nvidia-smi can be used remotely (over ssh), or within any console session (i.e. when X won't start)

  • nvidia-smi can be parsed programmatically (so you could, as an example, write a script in bash or python to determine your VBIOS version)

You can find the nvidia-smi utility in the Ubuntu provided package nvidia-utils, which as of the time of this writing (with the latest release of the nvidia-kernel-open drivers version r515) is named nvidia-utils-515

Here is an example:

user@host:$ dpkg-query -W 'nvidia-utils-*'
nvidia-utils-515    515.43.04-0ubuntu1

user@hots:$ dpkg -L nvidia-utils-515 | grep "nvidia-smi"

user@host:$ nvidia-smi -q | grep "VBIOS"
    VBIOS Version                         :
    VBIOS Version                         : 94.02.4B.00.0B

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