I have been running ubuntu 17.04 since it has been out and have used python3 extensively. Recently I learned about anaconda and want to install it on my computer so I can use jupyter with python 3. Which packages should I uninstall before switching over to anaconda so that the installation will go smoothly? Here is a list of a few packages I've installed which I think may be relevant:

  • pip and pip3
  • python3
  • python3-numpy

Anaconda, by definition, servers as a sandbox that permits you to install packages into strictly defined environments. As long as you're working within one of those environments (running the activate command), your environment will see only those packages that you've installed into it. So, to answer your question, what you've installed previously shouldn't matter: Anaconda will only "see" those packages installed into the currently-activated environment.

Some good Anaconda resource reading worth following-up with: Linux installation, and Managing Environments.

BTW, we just completed a Python-based project (using TeX of all things), and Anaconda was a great solution for our team, as we could pretty much guarantee consistent, repeatable environments across team members, regardless of base OS.

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