I have a Windows 10 share that I need to access from a Ubuntu 16.04.3 machine. I created /media/sharefolder on the ubuntu box, and shared //WINDOWSMACHINE/sharename (with "Everyone" full access permissions, "Everyone" full access security settings).

My /etc/fstab line is this

//WINDOWSMACHINE/sharename /media/sharefolder cifs uid=me,credentials=/home/me/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8 0 0

However, the share does not work:

  • sudo mount -a returns "mount error(115): Operation now in progress"
  • syslog errors: CIFS VFS: Error connecting to socket. Aborting operation. CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -115

Here's what I've tried

Any help is much appreciated!

Update: This configuration used to work fine, until I upgraded from kernel 4.4.0-92 to 4.4.0-93. Not sure if this is incidental or something related to the upgrade.

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