I am trying to determine which programs will receive auto updates on my Ubunutu 16.04LTS PC.

I have installed these programs via the software center:

  • filezilla
  • gimp
  • synaptic
  • unetbootin
  • virtualbox-qt

I have installed these from command line by adding a ppa and installed using apt:

  • google-chrome-stable
  • sublime-text

When I use Synaptic under the status tab and Installed (manually) if I sort by non-Ubuntu installed I can see all the programs listed above.

If I then click Installed (upgradeable) the only non-Ubuntu installed package is google-chrome-stable.

  1. Why is google-chrome-stable the only one listed as upgradeable?
  2. How does Synaptic determine a package as 'upgradeable'?
  3. I assume the software center updates will infact be updated as I think I have seen this in the software center itself, but would that happen through apt-get update?

I am trying to understand if programs installed using these methods are auto updated:

  • Downloaded via Ubuntu Software Center
  • Via command line by adding a PPA and installing
  • By downloading a .deb and installing (e.g. Dropbox)

I am correct in thinking that apt-get update will update any software which was installed using an apt command originally?

So if it was a .deb it is installed via dkpg and therefore apt-get wont apply, if so is there anyway to automatically update these?

  1. google-chrome-stable is the only outdated package you have in your system (which is not installed by Ubuntu) at that time.

  2. A package is listed at Installed (upgradeable) means that there is a newer package available and you can upgrade the package. If you had the filter of non-Ubuntu installed, it will only show outdated packages YOU installed.

  3. Ubuntu Software Center will run apt-get update every time (I think) and detect whether you have software updates or not. Running apt-get update will only update your list of packages, it will not tell you anything about whether you have software updates or not. apt-get upgrade will upgrade packages, which is the same as updating packages from Ubuntu Software Center.

  4. Packages downloaded via Ubuntu Software Center will be auto-updated because it acts the same as installing with apt-get.

  5. Packages installed via command line by adding a PPA and installing will also be auto-updated because when running apt-get update, apt-get will also update the list of packages from the PPA.

  6. Packages installed by downloading a .deb and installing via dpkg -i may get auto-updated depending on whether the repository is added into the list of apt (i.e. /etc/apt/sources.list). Some packages like google-chrome-stable will do so, so they will get updated.

Edit: Ubuntu has a cronjob to run apt-get update everytime you boot up, so all lists of packages will be updated when you boot your computer.

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