I found that you can install MATLAB, a MathWorks software, to Chromebooks if the Chromebook has an Intel (non-ARM) processor and you install Linux.

I've installed Ubuntu.

NetSurf didn't have Java enabled and I couldn't find how to enable it, so I tried to install Chrome... which didn't work.

So I took to forums and installed Software Center, but when I tried to install anything (Chromium), it said that I did not have permission/access to... I

spent the next few hours trying to figure out the GNOME software but when I installed it, NOTHING came up in the "applications" page.

tl;dr: I'm brand new to Linux and I couldn't even find the version of Ubuntu that gets installed onto Chromebooks.

I need to figure out how to download MATLAB, and that's it. I will use the Chrome OS for everything else, I just need Linux for MATLAB.

Is there anybody that could possibly walk me through, step by step, how to do this? I already know how to install Linux;

it's everything past that once I'm in Linux that I'm clueless about. I couldn't even get to the log in screen on MathWorks via NetSurf.

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