I have windows7 installed on my C drive and ubuntu 10.04 lts on my D drive. When I plud the lan cable (ethernet cable) onto the ethernet card of my laptop, windows7 identifies the network correctly without the need for any manual settings and connects me to the network correctly.

Unfortunately, in ubuntu, even after plugging in the cable, nothing happens (on the network side). It is only scanning for wireless networks it seems, and doesnt bother about the wired networks.

I tried adding a new wired connection and manually entered the physical address which was displayed when i connected to the network using windows. i entered the phy address, and told it to use auto dhcp and saved the dialog bog in ubuntu network connection. Still there is no change, and ubuntu doesnt seem to recognise anything.

please let me know how to work with wired connections using ubuntu, and why my wired cable is not being recognized in ubuntu.

thanks. PS: I am pretty new to ubuntu/ linux :)


Try to install the ndisgtk package (and all the required packages) select install new driver navigate to your driver's cdrom and find the .inf file and click install. Should work 100% ! try to reactivate the network from the network manager.

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