I have postfix 3.1.0 running as a mail gateway/filter for internal SMTP servers each serving their own respective domains. I have postscreen/spammassassin/amavisd etc running on this email gateway/filter. This is successful in blocking 99% of spam but I find a lot of spam coming in from spoofed local domain addresses. I would like to block these prior to any virus/spam checking much like the rbl checks in postscreen work. Well at more or the less the same point in the process anyway. Local SMTP sender authentication is disabled - this is just a relay server for internal domains. So I assume that any smtp_sender_restrictions in main.cf would be useless in this case? Do I need to set up a table and refer to it in the " smtpd_relay_restrictions" within main.cf ? Not sure how to tackle this one


I figured this out and implemented this solution: In '/etc/postfix' I created a file 'domain_blacklist' and added the following text to it: 'mylocal-domain.com 550 service unavailable'

in 'main.cf' under 'smtpd_recipient_restrictions' added 'check_sender_access hash:/etc/postfix/domain_blacklist' just before 'reject_unknown_recipient_domain'

run 'postmap domain_blacklist' and reloaded postfix - works just fine now

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