I am currently on Ubuntu 16.04.3 which I am using about 300gb of space of the 1TB SATA harddrive and I want to replace my old 1TB sata harddisk with a 500GB SSD drive. I have used Clonezilla before but are there any significant benefits to using Timeshift instead in my case?

Should I

  • Just use Gparted to shrink the 1TB partition then use Clonezilla (in Expert mode with icds selected) to clone the partitions to new 500Gb ssd drive


  • Fresh install Ubuntu 16.04.3 in the new 500GB SSD and then install Timeshift and then use Timeshift to "restore" my old whole system and settings to the new SSD?

I am not worried about my documents, downloads and personal folders which are on an external drive and I don't need to clone those.

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