How the current file has been downloaded to display the original title? When i download always like P9pzm5b6Fxx.mp4, when the title is Tigerking.

How do I set it so that it is downloaded as tigerking.mp4?

  • That is weird, for me it would download the video as Tigerking-P9pzm5b6Fxx.mp4 if its YouTube ID is P9pzm5b6Fxx. – xjcl Aug 22 '17 at 13:28

From man youtube-dl:

-o, --output TEMPLATE
      Output filename template.   Use  %(title)s  to  get  the  title,
      %(uploader)s  for  the  uploader  name,  %(uploader_id)s for the
      uploader  nickname  if  different,  %(autonumber)s  to  get   an
      automatically  incremented  number,  %(ext)s  for  the  filename
      extension, %(format)s for the format  description  (like  "22  -
      1280x720"  or  "HD"),  %(format_id)s  for  the  unique id of the
      format (like YouTube's itags: "137"),  %(upload_date)s  for  the
      upload date (YYYYMMDD), %(extractor)s for the provider (youtube,
      metacafe, etc), %(id)s for  the  video  id,  %(playlist_title)s,
      %(playlist_id)s,   or   %(playlist)s   (=title  if  present,  ID
      otherwise) for the playlist the video is in,  %(playlist_index)s
      for  the position in the playlist.  %(height)s and %(width)s for
      the width and height of the video format.  %(resolution)s for  a
      textual  description  of the resolution of the video format.  %%
      for a literal percent.  Use - to output to stdout.  Can also  be
      used  to  download to a different directory, for example with -o
      '/my/downloads/%(uploader)s /%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s' .

So, presumably:

youtube-dl -o '%(title)s.%(ext)s' <URL-of-video>

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