Possibly Relevant Facts

  • I have a Razer Blade 14 laptop which has a built-in QHD+ touch display.
  • I am using Ubuntu 17.04.3 + GNOME 3.24
  • I have a Magic Mouse version 1 (and version 2 but that's not what I'm currently using because scrolling does not work at all).

The Problem

In Settings > Mouse & Touchpad > Mouse there are no options to adjust the scroll speed or enable smooth scrolling, momentum or elasticity.

In Settings > Mouse & Touchpad > Touchpad there are no options to enable smooth scrolling or elasticity.

And there are not setting at all for the touch screen.

The Contradictions

However, despite those features not being available for the mouse or touch pad, when I scroll on my touchscreen I have smooth scrolling, momentum and elastic scrolling.

This suggests to me that the software to apply this to my mouse and touch pad currently exists on my system, but I do not know how to identify where.

As a web-programmer I understand that the software written for the touch screen is probably not directly portable to the mouse and touch pad, but it seems like a start.


Does anyone know of any solutions for this problem? And can anyone enlighten me why my touch screen has the support out-of-the-box and yet the mouse and touch pad don't? Keep in mind, my computer came installed with Windows 8.1 - not Linux.

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