Does anyone know how to change Unity icon-theme? For instance I use Faenza in my desktop session, but unity does not use it, both in panel and panel apps (applications and documents). So, anyone?


If you merge the icon theme you want with humanity and humanity-dark icon themes in /usr/share/icons you can change the theme. I'm using Faenza icons with Unity right now and it looks nice. Just remember to backup the Humanity folder first and rename it.

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  • So that, we can simply rename the index.theme's "Name=",am I wrong? I think it would be easier. – Alfredo Hernández Jan 14 '11 at 16:31

That's a 100$ question dude. Apparently Unity is just stuck on Humanity icons set. I just don't know why. Maybe you should follow this launchpad entry:


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Simply put, right now you can't.

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Faenza was missing icons, so I just merged it with Humanity. After backing up of course. The index.theme wouldn't add those icons for me.

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In the application menu, choose Appearance.
At the bottom of the "Theme" tab, select Edit, then change your icons in the "Icons" tab.

However I don't know if this will change the icons on the left dock.

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  • I know how to change the icon theme. But it does not affect Unity Interface (Dock, Applicationsa and Documents Menu, Indicators) – Alfredo Hernández Oct 28 '10 at 15:49

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