I have a Lenovo Yoga X1 2nd Gen laptop with Ubuntu 16.04

I have both windows 10 and ubuntu installed.

In windows, everything works fine, but in ubuntu when I press the brigghtness buttons, ubuntu shows me the value of the brightness is changing, but the actual brightness of the screen is not changing at all! I have tried most of the methods what I found online, like changing things in 20-intel.conf, grub. Neither of them worked. What should I do?


xrandr --output eDP1 --brightness 1 # no dimming

the following command changes the brightness to max, and I can change the value 1 to something between 0 and 1 which then effectively changes the brightness. Is there a way to make the brightness keys work?


You should be able to enable brightness adjustment via the buttons by following the solution posted in https://askubuntu.com/a/862575/589172:

Create file: /etc/acpi/events/yoga-brightness-up with following content:

event=video/brightnessup BRTUP 00000086
action=/etc/acpi/yoga-brightness.sh up

Create file: /etc/acpi/events/yoga-brightness-down with following content:

event=video/brightnessdown BRTDN 00000087
action=/etc/acpi/yoga-brightness.sh down

Create file /etc/acpi/yoga-brightness.sh with following content:


# Where the backlight brightness is stored

test -d "$BR_DIR" || exit 0

MAX=$(cat "$BR_DIR/max_brightness")
VAL=$(cat "$BR_DIR/brightness")

if [ "$1" = down ]; then

if [ "$VAL" -lt $MIN ]; then
elif [ "$VAL" -gt $MAX ]; then

PERCENT=`echo "$VAL / $MAX" | bc -l`

export XAUTHORITY=/home/ivo/.Xauthority  # CHANGE "ivo" TO YOUR USER
export DISPLAY=:0.0

echo "xrandr --output eDP-1 --brightness $PERCENT" > /tmp/yoga-brightness.log
xrandr --output eDP-1 --brightness $PERCENT

echo $VAL > "$BR_DIR/brightness"

Make it executable

chmod a+rx /etc/acpi/yoga-brightness.sh

Restart acpi by typing

sudo service acpid reload

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