I have some kind of internet that I don't really recommend to anyone, but there -- it's a limiter traffic (4G from a mobile carrier). Fortunately, in a way, the night traffic is free, so I am looking for a way for my computers to automatically download and install updates. I think unattended-upgrades should be the way, however I'm not 100% sure if it supports this.

So, would there be a way to make it run only at 2 AM, for example? Or, if not, is there an alternative?

Thank you!


Unattended-Upgrades is run by the script apt-compat (Ubuntu 14.04 or older: apt) in /etc/cron.daily.

So you could probably just edit your /etc/crontab to run cron.daily at a different time of the day or move it to a custom cronjob.

The script contains functions to sleep a short "random" amount of time (0-30mins) before executing /usr/lib/apt/apt.systemd.daily, which you could edit out if you like.

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