I want to dual boot Ubuntu along with Windows 10, running in Legacy boot. I already have 4 partitions(MBR, and I know creating a 5th one isn't allowed) partitions and have the following volumes volumes I want to create 3 drives using the unallocated space, 2 both accessible by both windows and linux and the 3rd for installing ubuntu.

I suspect that partition 3 is C drive(how do I check?) and partition 4 has the D drive and unallocated space. I have no problem formatting D drive if it helps.

Any help for making a partition for Ubuntu will be helpful.


First three partitions are primary partitions and fourth is a secondary partition and when you create a fifth one its a extended volume.

First you unmount the partitioning and then try the command you can use is lsblk.


to check which drives your system can see:

sudo fdisk -l

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