I need some help. After i install nvidia driver for my graphics Card Inno3D GF-GT630 then update through sudo apt-get update and reboot. then this is now the display of my screen.. error: invalid video specification'text' Booting in blind mode. I tried a lot of solutions but none of them work: like fixing through:

GRUB2 by adding GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT='nomodeset quiet splash'then update the grub.

Recovery Mode in root(Drop to root shell prompt) and remove the nvidia drivers but it can't be remove coz it prompt "not installed, not remove," in screen and also i tried to mount remount the drive, update with apt but and error will appear and it says like error Fetching blah blah blah .. and the worst is i have only 2 mins to execute some codes in Root(drop to root shell prompt) in Recovery mode because this error [OK]Stopped run ancron jobs and so on... pops up and i have to restart again just to enter in the recovery mode again...by the way im using Ubuntu 16.04.

Is there other way to fix this? pls. help im newbie


This happened to me when the grub configuration (as can be seen by pressing 'e' for "Edit" at boot time) contained: set gfxpayload=text Just removing it (manually, in grub) fixed the problem. What's strange is that the same line worked before, on the same computer, before re-running grub2-mkconfig for the Nth time, not sure what happened.

This entry comes from GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text in /etc/default/grub, for the record.

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