Is my first question here because Ubuntu never gives me any problems but yesterday I did a very stupid thing.

Any time LibreOffice starts, it says that is impossible to recover a file on a mounted disk. I thought that it must be because of a permissions issue and that the best solution was to give LibreOffice superuser permissions.

I tried from a terminal

sudo libreoffice

Since I did that it is impossible to open LibreOffice in the usual way. I can only start the app as superuser from a terminal using sudo.

When using the usual ways (with my normal user) I get a Fatal Error:

Can't start the application, can't complete user install.

(In Spanish)

Libreoffice start after using "sudo libreoffice"

How can I restore the application or reinstall the user configuration?

I am using Ubuntu 15.04 in Spanish language, but I suppose the same would apply to other distros when LibreOffice is started using sudo.


Close libreoffice, then run:

sudo chown -R $USER: ~/.config/libreoffice/

it should fix all necessary ownership problems.

If it didn't work, then try moving the broken configuration files:

sudo mv ~/.config/libreoffice{,-rm}
  • hmm, dont works... – Marco Antonio Achury Palma Aug 17 '17 at 17:16
  • Dont't worked, now even dont shown the error message :-s Appear that libreoffice create more config files somewhere else, I have also installed and unistalled libreoffice wilthout success. – Marco Antonio Achury Palma Aug 17 '17 at 22:43
  • I'll let you know if I came up with an alternative ;) – Ravexina Aug 18 '17 at 4:07

thanks for your help.

The problem was solved this way:

delete ~/.config/libreoffice and then:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure libreoffice

I lost some personal config, libreoffice become as a new install but now works well.

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