When you open an existing text file in gedit, the cursor starts at the position it was at when you last closed the file. So gedit presumably needs to store a list of inodes and offsets.

I'm curious as to where this information is stored since I can't find it in ~/.config/gedit


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Thanks to the answers/comments above, I now know that the gedit position is saved in the GNOME Virtual File System. In particular, it is in the file ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/home.

There are a bunch of command line tools for working with gvfs.

gvfs-cat            gvfs-mkdir          gvfs-rename
gvfs-copy           gvfs-monitor-dir    gvfs-rm
gvfs-info           gvfs-monitor-file   gvfs-save
gvfs-less           gvfs-mount          gvfs-set-attribute
gvfs-ls             gvfs-move           gvfs-trash
gvfs-mime           gvfs-open           gvfs-tree

The gedit position can be seen with:

gvfs-info FILENAME | grep metadata::gedit-position

It can be changed like this:

gvfs-set-attribute FILENAME metadata::gedit-position 42

There's a file in ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata which gets touched every time you move the cursor and close gedit. It's a binary file, so not easily interpreted. You can probably understand it better with the gedit source code

  • Thanks. Apparently there are command line tools for working with gvfs. See the edit to my question.
    – CrazyApe84
    Aug 14, 2017 at 0:35

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