After an upgrade of my webserver from 12.04.5 LTS‬ to 16.04.2 LTS, my webserver no longer worked and I was forced to reinstall the server.

Unfortunately, I was only able to backup the raw database files from /var/lib/mysql without being able to make .sql backups.

I have reinstalled the server with Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS and copied the backed up database files into the respective locations, but they do not work. The permissions were set to mysql:mysql - so that is not the problem. On the old system, I had MySQL version 5.5.53 and the new version is now 5.7.19. The system is running with Plesk Onyx 17.5.3 Update #17.

How can I correctly convert my raw MySQL files (*.frm, *.myd, *.myi) to work properly on the upgraded server?

I suspect I have to be able to first convert the old files to .sql format and then import them again on the new server?

But how?

I am a beginner with Linux, but do know enough to run command line commands. I often use Midnight Commander for configuration, etc. as well as Plesk.

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    Welcome to Ask Ubuntu... "That does not work" is rather meaningless. What is the exact error message you're getting as the files should be compatible within major MySQL versions... – Fabby Aug 12 '17 at 22:48

You might want to first check your databases with a compatible environment. E.g. a docker container

docker run --name mysql55 --detach --env=MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root mysql/mysql-server:5.5.53

will get you such an environment https://severalnines.com/blog/mysql-docker-containers-understanding-basics shows you how to go from there.

Now you can check with other versions whether the import works. Personally I would not go for 5.7.19 directly since that version has "features" that make handling it more difficult then e.g. 5.7.14. E.g. in my environment a 5.7.14 docker image works on Mac an Linux but a 5.7.19 does not. See http://wiki.bitplan.com/index.php/Docker_on_Mac

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